Shelving Installation

PS Installations, Inc. is the partner you want assembling your commercial shelving because we are the most experienced installation company in the Rocky Mountain Region.  We have over 25 years of shelving installation experience!  We are equipped to handle the simplest jobs to the most complex.  We handle it all and have the experience you have been looking for.

PS Installations, Inc. has certified technicians that will quickly and efficiently install any type of shelving system you have. All PSI staff are trained installers with their own tools, and none of our installers are temporary laborers.  We are certified by many industry-leading manufacturers for shelving installation and preventive maintenance of any shelving system found in the market.  PSI makes it a priority to keep our installation crew updated with current shelving technologies and installation techniques.  We don’t take shortcuts when it comes to our training.

We have experience installing the following shelving systems:

  • Library Shelving
  • High-Density Storage Shelving
  • Mobile Storage Shelving
  • Shelving Storage
  • Business & Filing Shelving
  • Long Span Shelving
  • Case-Type Shelving
  • Racking Shelving
  • Specialized Museum Shelving

We work with the following clients:

  • Library/Education
  • Military
  • Museums
  • Healthcare
  • Law
  • Government
  • Archives/Storage Facilities
  • Businesses

With strategic partners like Shelf image, Inc., we have the capability to manage every aspect of your project from the bidding, design, planning, installation and set-up.  We truly are a one-stop shop.

We have an extensive inventory of parts for most shelving manufacturers, as well as used shelving.  This comes in handy when needing a part at the last minute.

PS Installations, Inc. can service your high-density mobile shelving systems, both electrical and mechanical assist. PSI staff have been certified in the installation of all Montel and Kardex products, including high-density mobile storage systems.  We have extensive experience installing all brands of mobile shelving, including Aurora  Richards Wilcox, TAB, Denstor, Direct Line, MCA,  Datum, Borroughs, Elecompaq, Lundia, etc.

Contact PS Installations, Inc. today at (303) 297-2030 for a free consultation and budget estimate.  If you would like, you can contact our references to ask them about the quality of our work.  We look forward to working with you!