Looking for a team of commercial movers to relocate your warehouse? You have come to the right place! PS Installations, Inc. has over 25 years of experience with commercial moves that includes warehouse relocations. We have extensive knowledge and experience moving pallet racking, shelving, high-density mobile storage systems, and your stored material. Our overall goal is to provide you with a smooth warehouse move that will be no or little disruption to your business. We want to offer you with the best services in the Rocky Mountain region at competitive prices. With today’s economy we realize this is an important factor for all business owners.

We will assign you an experienced project manager that will work with your staff and property management companies to develop a plan for a smooth transition to your new location, including permits (including hi-bay racking permits). Most moving companies don’t know about or bother with these permits, exposing them and you to costly delays and potential additional costs.

Your project manager will make sure your inventory, building, services, equipment, layout, organization/people, and security are properly documented so that your warehouse relocation is seamless.

Owner of PS Installations, Inc., Peter Stralvo has a goal to create a win-win synergy between clients and PSI staff. He insists clients receive the highest level of professionalism at the best price possible, while making sure all staff makes a decent living. Peter does not hire temporary day laborers to move your warehouse. He is particular in making sure you have the best movers in the business and will only send a crew that works for PS Installations, Inc.

Please checkout our reference list. Give them a call to see how we have moved some Rocky Mountains largest warehouses (includes libraries, museums and galleries).

Call us today at (303) 297-2030 for a free consultation and budget estimate. Let our seasoned team assist you in your warehouse move. We look forward to speaking with you.