Colorado Law Office Moves

PS Installations, Inc. is the one vendor that can accommodate your entire law library moving needs.  We understand how to move law libraries that will ensure a smooth
transition to your new space or law office reconfiguration.

Our seasoned project supervisors will work closely with you to develop a plan to move your law library.  Your project supervisor will coordinate all team members, code issues, project schedules, shipping/product delivery and site needs to make sure your law library is moved according to your specifications and needs.

We are unique in our approach in that we have the only stack-mover machine between Chicago and the West Coast.  This allows our team to pick-up entire ranges of shelving without unloading the books or files!  Our stack-mover machine has an average savings of 45%.  The stack-mover uses one-quarter of the man-time versus unloading the books and files, disassembling the shelving, and then reversing the process all over again. This type of law library moving is perfect for new carpet projects or to reconfigure library shelving and collections.

PS Installations, Inc. designs, builds, and owns its own book and file moving carts- this is a unique concept and something we developed to be more efficient for our law library moves. These carts are much easier to handle than the double-sided carts other moving companies rent- but of course we have those too!  Our book and file moving carts fit down aisles or can be staged in hallways allowing easy access to your files and collections.

Recent projects we completed-
Sturm Law Library:
PS Installations, Inc. installed a large high-density mobile storage system and over 400 sections of static shelving as well as moved all books and collections to law offices with extensive libraries and large staff.

Colorado Judicial Department:
PSI set up the Colorado Judicial Department’s temporary warehouse during construction of their new building.  We consulted on the design of their shelving configurations and move to their new facility.

Contact PS Installations, Inc. today at (303) 297-2030 for a free consultation and budget estimate for your next project. We look forward to helping with your law office move.  You can also contact our references to ask them about the quality of our work.