Library Moving

PS Installations, Inc. has more experience moving libraries and schools than any company in the Rocky Mountain Region.  We have over 25 years of experience!

PS Installations, Inc. has the only stack-mover machine between Chicago and the West Coast.  This allows our team to pick-up entire ranges of shelving without unloading the books or files!  Our stack-mover machine has an average savings of 45%.  The stack-mover uses one-quarter of the man-time versus unloading the books and files, disassembling the shelving, and then reversing the process all over again. This type of library moving is perfect for new carpet projects or to reconfigure library shelving and collections.

PS Installations, Inc. designs, builds, and owns its own book and file moving carts- this is a unique concept and something we developed to be more efficient for our library moves. These carts are much easier to handle than the double-sided carts other moving companies rent- but of course we have those too!  Our book and file moving carts fit down aisles or can be staged in hallways allowing easy access to your files and collections. Our carts are available for rent and much easier for your staff to move around than the carts other commercial moving companies offer.

All PS Installations, Inc. staff have extensive experience keeping library collections and files in order during moves which is a crucial component to any library move. All PSI staff are trained installers with their own tools- our installers are not just movers or temporary laborers.

We have an extensive inventory of parts for most shelving manufacturers, as well as used shelving.  This comes in handy when needing a part at the last minute during a library move.

PS Installations, Inc. can service your high-density mobile shelving systems, and both electrical and mechanical assist. PSI staff have been certified in the installation of all Montel and Kardex products, including high-density mobile storage systems.  We have extensive experience installing all brands of mobile shelving, including Aurora  Richards Wilcox, TAB, Denstor, Direct Line, MCA,  Datum, Borroughs, Elecompaq, Lundia, etc.

…It is not unusual when PSI moves shelving or furniture for the re-installation to be better than the original!  Please contact our references to ask them about the quality of our work.

Contact PS Installations, Inc. today at (303) 297-2030 for a free consultation and budget estimate for your envisioned move. It’s never too early to begin planning and explore options. We have the experience you have been looking for.