The key to a successful corporate move is advanced planning. Organizing your commercial move is an essential step in the moving process. It is imperative that there be a well-defined plan of action before the first files are tucked away in a box.

Layout Correspondence

It goes without saying that everything you are moving from one location needs a home in the new one. A wise course of action would be to have a team inspect the new location and draw up a floor plan which details where each section is going to be. For example, if your building has a copy room, then it is important to label on the floor plan of the new location where the copy room is going to be. Once all of the sections are laid out, the original building’s sections need to be labelled in a way that corresponds with the new one. This will make the packing process go much more smoothly as everything can be labelled clearly for the movers.

Research and Hire Movers

Obviously, your employees are not going to be moving file cabinets and desks in their personal vehicles. Locating and hiring the best commercial movers is a top priority. You will need to determine what the company budget for moving is before you get started. You’ll need to decide if it’s cost effective to have the movers pack the office up or if that is something your employees are going to be doing. Once you’ve signed a contract to work with a commercial moving company, you will need to work closely with them to organize the move. Some of the issues you will need to discuss with your moving company are:

•    Arranging parking permits and elevator use
•    Explaining the floor plans and special needs of various departments
•     Any specialized concerns regarding fragile equipment

These are just basic things that will need to be covered when working with your moving team. Other issues may arise depending on the type of business you are moving, how far you are going and what time of the week your company is moving.


Packing is a process in and of itself. During the planning stages, it is imperative that your team determines who is doing the packing and how the oversight is being handled. Once teams have been organized or individuals have been assigned to the job, certain requirements need to be communicated to the staff. Planning the packing phase of the move will be much easier once a complete inventory of the office or building has taken place. The inventory and floor plans are a necessary part of streamlining the moving process. It may be in your best interest to assign packing coordinators or to have each individual employee pack up their space. Whatever the plan is, make sure it is communicated directly to the staff, preferably in both a memo and a face to face meeting.

Working out the details of moving day well ahead of time will ensure that every member of your team knows exactly what they are supposed to do and when. This will reduce costs, save time and most importantly, relieve anxiety for everyone when moving day finally arrives.